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How I Want to Love You

two sets of shoes on the side of a car

I want to know you

in each of the ways

I want to brush away the dirt of the Earth

to peel back each layer of your skin

the thin, biting membrane

I want to know you

biologically:  every cell and atom

the specks of DNA that shape you

emotionally: sharp scent

strongest at the core

you leave me

with watering eyes

relationally: each piece of you for flavor

the soups, stews, salads

physically: my fingertips sliding

over your slick, translucent skin

and intimately: I want to slice

into you, each bitter bite pressing

seeping into my tongue. I want to know you

but also consume. I want

to be full. And I want you

as you are now

a thin membrane of skin.



Featured Image Credit: rawpixel

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