On Being A White Woman

on being a white woman

I’ve never been afraid to walk alone.
To put one foot in front of the other
and head to my destination, no worry
of whether the path is bright, but still dancing
in the streetlights, just in case.
Always prepared, but never frightened.

Is this white privilege?

To never have to think about what will happen
if something were to happen? To never be questioned
about where I’m going. To have the color
of my skin as my safety net?

There is a movement ripping
across the nation.
And at first I wondered why the world
continues to separate for the cause of togetherness.
But I get it now.
It was never a matter of who was better
because we’re not a world without all
lives that matter. Yet, this is not about all.
This about the ones who are afraid to walk alone.
The ones who know the color of their skin
holds more significance than it should.

And I’m sorry. That I can go about my life
not worrying about my name becoming a hashtag
or wondering who will die
next. That I am never questioned for being
a white woman. That I am safe.

So I stand behind you.

Yes, I stand for every human
for every American for every cop
for every white woman who is lucky, just like me.
But I stand for you. Especially for you.

Because your lives matter.
And I’m sorry it’s taken a movement just to see that.

Featured Image Credit: Marisa Donnelly

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